#7 - My Wiveez instance

Access a Wiveez instance

The Wiveez instance is accessible via the connection button in the main menu of the site wiveez.com.

Or via the link app.wiveez.com

The user must enter his username (email address) and the password associated with his Wiveez account.

 Only users who have confirmed their email address can connect to their Wiveez instance.

Multiple Wiveez instance

A Wiveez user can own their own instance, but also be invited to several other instances that they do not own.

 The list of instances on which he has access rights is displayed on the authentication page.

After validation of the authentication, the user accesses the portfolio of Jira projects loaded on the Wiveez instance.

In Wiveez, Jira projects are named PRODUCT.

A Wiveez instance is composed of a main menu, consisting of 4 options:

  • Portfolio of Wiveez Products (JIRA Projects);

  • Programs created under Wiveez - Each program contains several products and displays multi-product indicators;

  • User access management page - accessible only for “Super-Admin” and “Admin” profiles;

  • User account + Subscription management (“Super-Admin” profile).