#4 - Upgrade to a paid subscription plan

When creating a Wiveez account, the creator has access to a free 30-day trial period, allowing him to load a maximum of 5 Jira projects under Wiveez and invite as many collaborators as he wishes.


At the end of the trial period, all persons with access rights to the wiveez instance will be able to continue to access it but will not be able to perform any of the following operations (depending on their profile):

  • Consult a Wiveez product;

  • Delete a Wiveez product;

  • Change the configuration of a Wiveez product;

  • Load a new Jira project under Wiveez;

  • Consult a Wiveez Program;

  • Modify the configuration of a Wiveez Program,

  • Create a Wiveez Program;

  • Modify the rights of a Wiveez user;

  • Delete a Wiveez user;

  • Invite a new user to the Wiveez instance.

Switch to a paid plan

Only the owner of the Wiveez instance (“Super-Admin” profile) has the possibility to modify his subscription and switch from a free trial period to a paid subscription.


Access to the subscription management page is via the “My account' menu of the “Super-Admin” user.

Select the “Subscription” menu option to access the subscription management page.

To modify the subscription, select the “Purchase” button.

The Super-Admin then has the choice of 4 subscription packs.

The subscription can be monthly or annual. The annual subscription benefits from a reduction of 2 months.

If you wish to install Wiveez on a client server, it is necessary to contact the Wiveez sales teams at contact@wiveez.com.

After selecting your subscription package, click on the “SUIVANT” button.

The Super-Admin should then enter their billing information and select the “SUIVANT” button.

The Super-Admin has the choice between payment by credit card or by sending an invoice (only valid for annual subscriptions).

CB payment (credit card)

Payment by credit card is authorized for any type of cloud subscription (SaaS). 

All input fields are mandatory.

A 3D secure control is carried out via our partner Stripe.

Invoice payment

Payment by sending an invoice is only possible for annual subscriptions.

The customer has 30 days to make the payment, following receipt of the invoice, otherwise the account is not activated.

Payment confirmation

Upon validation of the payment information, the Super-Admin can view a summary of his subscription, before validation.

Validation is done via the “ACHETER” button.

The customer account is then immediately activated and all users of the Wiveez instance again have access to the features offered by Wiveez.